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Three Things To Avoid Problems At A DUI Checkpoint

Instead of relying on the traditional method of observing how a car is being driven to get drunk drivers off the road, the use of sobriety checkpoints has become popular in many areas of the country. The following are three things you need to know to avoid about problems.

Do not attempt to go around the roadblock

If you see a sobriety checkpoint ahead and you make a U-turn in an attempt to avoid the checkpoint, you're likely to be pulled over. The police are wise to this basic strategy and have one or more units waiting to pull over the first car that attempts this. If you are not drunk, it will be assumed by the police that you have been drinking. If you see a sobriety checkpoint, do not avoid it.

Before you approach the officer

Make sure your radio is turned down or off. You want to make sure the officer knows you are paying attention. A lack of focus is one sign of being drunk. Do not start chewing gum. The time to do this or use a breath mint is before you drive. Trying to freshen your breath as you approach a police officer is suspicious. Make sure you roll down your window; this is a natural thing for a sober person to do. Also, if you are smoking put out the cigarette.

Avoid any of these suspicious behaviors

There are certain signs police officers look for at checkpoints. Unless traffic is backing up, they will often attempt to speak to drivers. They will first be looking at your eyes, so don't avoid eye contact. They will likely get close enough to smell alcohol on your breath. If you've only had a couple drinks with some food, you are not likely to have a problem. They will usually ask a simple question, so they can listen to your voice for signs of slurred speech. You need to answer the question. Be polite and do not be defensive or show anger. These are red flags, and you may be asked to pull over to the side for sobriety tests.

If on the off chance that an officer wants sobriety tests, you will have to submit to a blood alcohol test. You are not legally required to submit to any physical tests, and you should avoid this anyway because the results are subjective. If you find yourself under arrest, remember to remain silent, and wait until you see an attorney, like Boehmer Law, to speak about the incident.