Three Things To Avoid Problems At A DUI Checkpoint

Instead of relying on the traditional method of observing how a car is being driven to get drunk drivers off the road, the use of sobriety checkpoints has become popular in many areas of the country. The following are three things you need to know to avoid about problems. Do not attempt to go around the roadblock If you see a sobriety checkpoint ahead and you make a U-turn in an attempt to avoid the checkpoint, you're likely to be pulled over. [Read More]

2 DUI Myths You Need To Know

If you are pulled over because you are suspected of driving under the influence, the things you do can either hurt or help the case that the police will be making against you. Unfortunately, people make mistakes that they end up paying for later when their case is brought to trial. There are some myths about DUIs that you need to know more about so that you do not wrongfully incriminate yourself for something you did not do. [Read More]

When Your Criminal Defense Is Years Of Emotional And Psychological Abuse: How To Prove It

If you are in the position of being charged with murder, your defense attorney will look at your background to help build your case. For example, if you suffered years of emotional and/or psychological abuse, it may have been the very catalyst leading to the breaking point at which you killed your abuser. This can be very difficult to prove in criminal court because of the lack of physical evidence and often a lack of witnesses. [Read More]

3 Excellent Reasons To Hire A Traffic Lawyer When You Get A Ticket

Getting a traffic ticket is no fun, but going to traffic court and then paying for the ticket is even less fun. However, in some cases hiring a traffic lawyer to help you fight or reduce your charges on the traffic ticket may be well worth it for you. This article will discuss 3 excellent reasons to hire a traffic lawyer when you get a traffic ticket.  You Can Keep Your Insurance Premium Down [Read More]