How To Prepare A Testimony For Your Criminal Defense

If you decide to go on the witness stand in your own criminal trial, it's important to have a great story to tell that's well executed. Here are some ways to prepare for your testimony.  Make a Map of the Details The first thing to do is to make a map or list of all the details you remember from the event. Write out everything that comes to mind naturally and highlight the details that you think are important. [Read More]

Proving Personal Use Versus Intent To Distribute Marijuana

Being caught with marijuana and marijuana plants in a state where the drug is still illegal can cause some criminal issues. If you have been caught with marijuana, you are likely to either be charged with possession of the drug, or possession with the intent to distribute. The intent to distribute can make a major difference in the case and in the imposed sentence. Here are some ways tips for pleading possession and not distribution with your marijuana defense attorney. [Read More]

3 Tips For Prevailing In Mayors Court

Are you thinking about taking your recent citation or ordinance violation to your local mayors court? Before doing so, you should be aware that the odds are stacked against you. While you may very well be innocent, you will face substantial challenges in your quest. Most cases in mayors court are presided by a magistrate who is appointed by the local mayor. While you are always presumed innocent until proven guilty, local magistrates will likely place a great deal of trust in the local police force, regulators, or whomever else gave you the citation. [Read More]