Fighting For A Reduced Criminal Sentence

Facing Drug Charges Because Of A Friend? Get Legal Help For Your Situation Immediately

Did hanging out with the wrong group of people cause you to get into a lot of legal trouble? You may have been with some friends without realizing that one of them was carrying illegal drugs around with them in the vehicle. If the vehicle was pulled over, the officer performed a search on the vehicle, and drug paraphernalia was found, everyone who was riding in the vehicle may have been arrested. Now that you were arrested with your friends, you may be facing some serious drug charges that could ruin your reputation and cause you to end up in prison for an extended period.

You are probably feeling extremely worried about your situation. Now that this situation has occurred, you need to hire a criminal defense attorney who has experience with drug offense law. You must do what you can to get out of the legal trouble you have gotten into because of someone else.

What Can the Defense Attorney Do?

A good defense attorney is going to dedicate his or her time to building a defense for you that proves you are innocent or even puts some reasonable doubt in the minds of the judge and jury if the case ends up going to trial. One of the techniques that is commonly used by these attorneys is the unwitting possession technique. The technique involves admitting that you were in possession of the drugs, but not by your own choice. While you were riding around with your friends, you were simply trying to have fun and had no idea there were any drugs inside the vehicle at that time, which means you were in unwitting possession of the drugs in the first place.

Aside from making it clear that you were not aware of the presence of drugs in the vehicle, the attorney may have you tested for drugs to prove that you are not using them. However, it all depends on the approach your attorney chooses to take, along with what you feel most comfortable with doing.

Can I Fight the Case Without an Attorney?

It is never a good idea to fight such serious charges without the legal support of an experienced attorney. You are probably not too familiar with the drug offense laws in your state and you are probably not going to know what kind of defense is best to use to get out of the legal mess you are in. Because there is a risk of being sentenced to time in prison, the best thing for you to do for yourself is hire the best criminal defense attorney you can find.

If you got pulled over and arrested while driving with friends because someone was carrying drugs with them in the vehicle, you may be at risk of going to prison for quite some time. Fight the charges with a criminal defense attorney in an attempt to get out of the frustrating legal situation you are in.