Been Pulled Over? 3 Constitutional Rights You Have

It can be extremely nerve-wracking when you get pulled over by a police officer, and it isn't uncommon for the police officer to use your stressful condition to their advantage. Due to the fact that drivers tend to be extremely nervous during a traffic stop, they are eager to be as helpful as they can so that they can get it over with. Unfortunately, as a result, they unintentionally give up incredibly valuable Constitutional rights that are designed to protect their interests.

Are You a Convicted Felon? Take These Steps to Avoid Inadvertently Possessing a Gun

One of the challenges of being a convicted felon is that you cannot possess a firearm, which means that if you were previously a hunter or a gun collector, you'll need to find a new hobby. You'll also need to be careful to avoid coming into contact with a firearm and having it in your possession since this could lead to the serious criminal charge of gun possession by a convicted felon.